The benefits of Infinity

Results are the final arbiter.

DFI are proud that our Infinity solution has delivered real value to our clients. Some measurable benefits have included:

For Law Enforcement & Border Security
  • Significant improvement in investigative closure rates resulting in reduced crime or potential terrorist activity
  • Improved asset seizure levels
  • Radically improved intelligence gathering and optimisation of open source data
  • Effective and efficient investigations
  • Optimisation of human resources
  • Improved return on investment on existing technologies
For Financial Services
  • Radically improved customer insights
  • Optimisation of public and open intelligence data sources
  • An accurate and actionable single composite view of the customer based on internal and external intelligence
  • Improved customer risk management procedures
  • Optimisation of IT and business analyst resources
  • Improved return on investment on existing technologies
For Healthcare
  • Improved patient care due to the enablement of a complete view of all events, activities and services across all patient pathways
  • Reduced costs driven by less duplication of effort
  • Improved referral to treatment time cycles
  • Improved operational performance achieved through accurate insights into institutional performance through consolidated management dashboards
  • Reduced technology costs by negating the need for total information system replacement
  • Future protection against costly integration projects enabled through the incremental inclusion of system data sources with no requirement for coding