One platform, infinite possibilities.

DFI’s Infinity platform provides a unique approach to creating a Single / Composite / Unified view of an Entity; Customer, Passenger, Target, Suspect, Incident, Product, Market, Citizen, Patient and more.

Infinity comprises state-of-the-art components allowing users to unify, search and harvest data resources spread across multiple data locations and environments, inside and outside the organisation, and the universe of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).


Infinity transcends standard search & retrieval

DFI’s Infinity platform provides flexible searching capabilities that allows simultaneous searching across multiple data sources and ranks results by relevancy.  Infinity’s common data format employs state-of-the-art search techniques applying logical but non-exact matching algorithms to uncover and maximise the insights gleaned from information gathered.

Visualise your data with Infinity

Intrinsic to the value Infinity provides is derived from the significant emphasis placed on the visualisation and representation of data.   Ease of navigation and intuitive operation define Infinity’s interface. Advanced functionalities and complex data interpretation is hidden behind an easy-to-use interactive interface.


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